Strong foundations deliver great solutions!

Our Carebox Clinical Trial Network solutions for patients, doctors, hospitals, pharma, and technology partners draw from multiple capabilities of our technology platform, as well as our add-on services. Here  are some of the offerings that make our solutions possible.

Trial Matching API

Our matching engine and the underlying trial database that enables us to uniquely turn “chaos into confidence” is part of almost of our solutions. It can also be embedded into any partner solution – from a consumer application to an EHR to a precision medicine suite.

Our API enables trial searching/filtering/matching based on tens of clinical and genomic patient eligibility criteria that our human-supervised AI and automation make possible – as well as curated  modality, geocoding, and site status/contact data… and of course all the structured fields that you would expect.

Condition-Based Questionnaire Library

…and that experience and expertise reflects in our ever-evolving library of condition-based questionnaires. Condition-based (as opposed to trial-specific) means that the same 5-10 questions for a given disease can be used to match to every relevant clinical trial, globally – or to pre-screen for just one study.

Subscribers to Carebox Clinical Trial Network get tools to validate and optimize the matching for their studies as well as the ability to add pre-screening questions that will be shown based on preliminary matching of the study to the generic condition questions.

Our always-evolving (based on real-world feedback) library includes hundreds of patient-friendly condition-based questionnaires in 20+ languages for instantaneous clinical and genomic matching/pre-screening to a single trial, a portfolio of trials for a sponsor or site, or the entire global database of clinical trials.

Population Analytics

We never sell or share patient PII (personally identification information). But we do make available aggregated data about how patient populations are search for and matching to studies in the Carebox Clinical Trial Network.

Trial and site feasibility and planning analytics can thus be driven by analysis of hundreds of thousands of anonymous patient clinical/genomic profiles reflecting real world clinical trial search populations and their matching to all relevant clinical trials.

We also use the Microsoft Power BI platform for out-of-the box dashboards for reporting associated with all of our offerings and solutions – from patient recruitment campaign metrics to web site usage insights. Alternately, we can provide data streams via any format or interface.

Digital Platforms

…with all of the offerings/capabilities above and more, can be packaged up into a turnkey digital solution.

We have developed complete stand-alone web sites and applications that bring our matching APIs and condition-based questionnaires to patients and physicians for leading pharma companies, top-tier research hospitals, and some of the most recognized patient advocacy group organizations.

Embedded “Widgets”

We can also deliver embedded “application widgets” that can be integrated into your web site in less than an hour and deliver the same features as our stand-alone applications.

Mix and match our APIs and widgets to quickly deliver in-context matching and pre-screening inside your applications.